Ultrapure dUTP (2´-Deoxyuridine, 5´-Triphosphate) supplied as sodium salt in purified water (pH 8.5). dUTP can be used in place of dTTP in PCR and RT-PCR protocols to prevent carryover from previous amplifications. The substitution of dUTP for dTTP in PCR results in uracil-containing PCR products that are suitable for most standard applications. The enzyme uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG, also referred to as UDG) can be added to a PCR premix to excise uracil from any contaminating PCR product, thereby preventing false positives. Each lot of dUTP is tested to ensure specific DNA amplification and the absence of nuclease activity.

[CD7000] SMOChem™ dUTP Solution - Sodium Salt (100 mM)

    • Ideal for PCR amplification and cDNA synthesis
    • Nuclease and ribonuclease free

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